Why Going to Work on Mondays Should Be Abolished

Monday, November 9, 2015

1. Because I could have done all of this online shopping I'm doing from my desk in my bed.

2. Because nothing is open on Sunday long enough, so I only had Saturday to run errands and let's face it, I didn't do them because IT WAS SATURDAY.

3. Because my bed was more comfortable this morning than it was on Saturday and Sunday combined.

4. Because I should be able to enjoy my lunch and not utilize it as an opportunity to flee the building.

5. Because I couldn't sleep last night, knowing when I woke up I had to be at work and now I'm trying to see how long I can sit at my desk with my eyes closed before someone notices.

6.  Because the only successful thing I am capable of doing right now is this:

7. Because there's a pile of e-mails from people who like to work on Sunday waiting for me.

8. Because I didn't need to go somewhere to make money over the weekend, I just had it.

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