The Highs & Lows of Adulting As Told By Parks & Recreation

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Adulting.  It's beautiful.  It's hideous.  It's all the fun parts of being a grown-up tossed with all of the awful parts of being a grown-up.  Deciding what to do with your money, but having to actually use YOUR  money to pay for whatever you want to do.  Cooking your own meals (this can go both ways).  The struggles/perks are real.

When you need to run to the grocery store so you have actual food in the fridge, but the parking lot is full of other "responsible" adults doing the same thing.

When you get your first adult paycheck and you know exactly how to spend it.

When you accept that you should be working out but,

When you finally get your own apartment.

When you realize you have to do all the chores in that apartment.

When you pay off a student loan.

When you look at your bank account the day after you pay off that loan.

When your biggest decision on a Friday night is doing the laundry or cleaning the bathroom, because you can't do both it's Friday and you worked all week and will pass out after either activity.

It's Sunday night and you get that panicky feeling of "Oh, no I have homework to do" that's been ingrained in you since Kindergarten and then you realize, "Wait NO I DON'T!"

But then you remember you have to go to work every single day until Friday at 5 PM.

When parties become less about who will be there and more about what food will be there.

When you go to your first adult party and people are talking about grown-up things, like politics and economics.

But you haven't quite mastered the art of conversation.

In conclusion,

BUT you can also do whatever the hell you want, when you want.

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