How To Make Him Fall In Love With You

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

All right ladies, I've scoured Pinterest and Cosmo and all of those other outlets we utilize to secure the way to arouse his undying love for us and bind him to our sides for eternity.  Article after article telling me how to dress, what perfume to wear, which giggle to use at which time.  Don't play hard to get.  Play hard to get.  Answer your phone when he calls, but not too often.  Text back immediately or just stare at your phone, waiting for an allowable amount of time to pass to make it look like you have an uber busy lifestyle.  This creates the illusion you are interesting. Never talk about your pooping schedule.

There's only one real truth out there and it shouldn't be as hard to find.  YOU CANNOT MAKE ANYONE FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU.  Ever.  Period.  This isn't a blog post I should have to write, but after listening to some of my friends whine and complain about the issues in their own relationships/dating adventures, I'm going to throw out some sound advice.

Stop googling "How to Make Him Fall In Love With You" because all you will find is jack shit.
Everything you read will contradict the last thing you read. There is no secret formula.  There is no road map.  It's not like you know when you wake up each morning if you are going to bawl your eyes out or not.  If we did, then we would put Kleenex out of business.

Go ahead, test me if you think I'm wrong.
So, you didn't listen to me.  You found pins on Pinterest guaranteed to woo him.  Try them out.  You're just going to drive yourself crazy performing for someone.  So let's say he falls for it.  Is that really you?  Do you even like hockey?  You prefer baseball but you've sat through so many games that you'd basically be dumping a ton of bricks on his head if you told him you hate the game.  Way to make him feel insecure!  He'll think you either can't speak up or (worse) are passive aggressive.  You're allowed to have different interests.  I'm going to take this a step further and say, you're allowed to hate things the other person does...because you're DIFFERENT PEOPLE.

He's not trying to find out how to make you fall in love with him.
I can't promise it, but I've never fallen across an article titled "How To Make Her Fall In Love With You."  Ask yourself why you're trying to cater to his needs and wants.  Don't be a princess but you also don't have to be a lady-in-waiting.  Chin up, he should be working just as hard at this as you are.  If he's not, get your waving hand up and say goodbye.

You'd be better off searching how to fall in love with yourself and practicing that self-love every single day.
This is a lesson I am learning and applying currently in my own life.  I find myself getting excited at the opportunity to spend time with myself.  It's quality time and I feel that when I'm really enjoying myself, the people I'm around enjoy me too.  Want to do some research/Internet creeping?  Seek out ways to better yourself, it's time well-invested.


You cannot make anyone fall in love with you.  No matter how hard you want it, it isn't going to happen.  If he/she is not falling in love with you, sure, it's sad and frustrating.  The people who don't fall in love with us aren't always evil creatures.  They are normal people looking for the same thing you are.  Just because they aren't head over heels for you doesn't make you any less than wonderful.  They just aren't the right person for you.  Stop chasing after someone, hoping there's a chance they'll turn around and open their arms for you to make a flying leap into.  Stop searching the Internet for how to guides to ensnare their love.  What you should do is pick yourself up, maybe cry a few tears, and pat yourself on the back for even taking the risk.  Then, go risk it with someone else who's going to love you.


  1. So true!! A really insightful post and I wish more people could have this opinion. xx

  2. I love it! I laughed out loud when I read he's not trying to find out how to you fall in love with him. So true!

    Carmen :)


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