Does It Work?: DIY Mousepad

Monday, September 12, 2016

 While perusing Pinterest for ideas on ways to decorate my new apartment, I came across this pin by Sarah M. Dorsey Designs.  How hard could it be to "upholster" a mousepad?  I had to try.  My mousepad had seen better days.  I was also fond of drawing all over it while on the phone.
I did my best to follow her directions, but forewarning: I don't follow directions.  For example, I didn't use the spray adhesive she used.  I just spread Mod Podge all over the old mousepad and laid the fabric flat against it.
If I saw a bubble, I spread it out.  I waited a little, maybe a few minutes for it to dry.  Mod Podge dries so freaking fast anyway.
My only regret is that I should have listened to Sarah and flipped the mousepad over to cut it.  You'll get the perfect cut that way.  This Pinterest pin is definitely for the lazy girl at heart (aka ME!).
So, as for Pinterest ratings go, this one gets two thumbs up!  Super easy to follow, very little mess, and you get the ultimate feel of creativity!  I love it and use it like crazy (as you can see from the coffee stain I already got on it...oops!).

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