Secrets of a Poshmark Party Host

Saturday, April 14, 2018

I've been active on Poshmark for 1 year and 3 months now and in that time frame I've been blessed/cursed with hosting two Poshmark parties.

With my first Poshmark party, I was notified in the end of July and asked whether or not I was still up for the job!  I submitted a Poshmark Party Host request in March, just a few months before, and knew the wait would take a little bit of time.  Honestly, I was surprised just how quickly my request went through!  The date for the party? October 3rd!

I flipped through listings and Instagram posts from other party hosts to see just how they were promoting their hosting duties.  Using that inspiration when Poshmark reached back out to me in September to confirm the theme, I made a listing on both Poshmark and Instagram.

Immediately, I was flooded with comments like "Congratulations [insert a ton of emojis here]!  If you're looking for a host pick, please be sure to check out my closet and my PFFs [insert a long list of user handles]."

As the party grew closer, my notifications grew and exploded the day before when Poshmark announced my "Plus Size" theme.  Direct shares, tags to items I would like (even when they weren't on theme), comments begging for a host pick, and even some interesting minor bribes.

Poshmark asks that you limit host picks from your own closet.  I find it incredibly cringeworthy when people have the guts to place their entire closet in the host pick section.  Like, c'mon, we know you'd pick them, you're selling them for crying out loud!  I picked one nice plus size red button down with gold buttons I really couldn't pass picking up at the thrift store.

In the initial PDF Poshmark sends you, they also ask that you try to include new Poshers.  With this in mind, I sat down the day of and started to pick out items on a spreadsheet to ensure I was not only spreading the love, but making sure that their closets were Poshmark compliant - another requirement for a host pick.  You can't max over 100 host picks and that night I was determined to use them all.

The night of was like a whirlwind.  I happened to sell a bundle during the mayhem, but neither were plus size items so I think it was by chance.  The whole process was time consuming and exhausting.

By the time my second Poshmark party rolled around, I considered myself a pro.  I don't think I requested to be a host, but Poshmark reached out and asked me (again, I think on this one, who knows what I did in March 2017) at the beginning of January if I would be available.  The time frame was much shorter.  Set for February 15th, I knew that this time around, I wasn't going to announce my role as host until the very last possible moment.  Why?  Because the flood of comments, tags, and direct shares weren't making me any sales.  In fact, they were distracting me from the genuine likes and bundles in my closet.

I created a Party Host listing on Poshmark to give the rabid commenters a place to talk to me instead of directly commenting on my listings - something I find to be incredibly rude and a little too thirsty for my taste.

For my Style Crush theme, I actually upped my own listings in the pot and added in 2 whole listings!  I also heavily used the direct share feature because I knew this would cut down on time I needed to go seeking items - especially when the theme is so broad.

I sold 0 items.  Woof.

TL;DR?  Poshmark parties are...interesting.  I'd like to think that back in the day, they helped to drive sales for the Poshmark Party Host, but it really just felt like a vacuum sucking my time and my phone battery dry.

So, if you really want to be a Poshmark Party Host, you have to make sure your closet is compliant.  I do know someone who sat on the list for 6+months to be denied because they had an insignificant item that was technically non-compliant.  I think they also make sure that you're not a complete asshat, commenting mean things on other people's posts.  At least, that's what I like to think.

If you've never been a Poshmark Party Host, that doesn't mean there's something wrong with you or your closet.  Continue to focus on your goals and I promise you, it will be far more rewarding than the groveling of random strangers strewn about your listings.  Trust me.


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