Reselling Lessons I Learned From Lorelai Gilmore

Friday, September 7, 2018

Lorelai Gilmore, a woman with a dream to one day own an inn - and she did!  She was a girl boss back when hashtags only stood for the number sign on your phone.  On top of being a single mom, she hustled her way into achieving her dreams when no one believed she could.  While she can be problematic in terms of her romantic liaisons, that's part of the humanistic features that make up this character.  She isn't perfect, her business is hard and long-fought for.  No matter what though, she always keeps pushing through.

Watching a rerun the other day, I thought about how a lot of Lorelai's advice could be applied to a lot of topics within the reselling community.

Don't Ask for Answers, Find Them
Too often, within the community, I see other resellers hounding "larger" resellers to tell them where to buy, what to buy, what price to buy at, and other information that is through tried and true experience.  Reselling is a hustle and a side job for most, but it's still a job.  It is certainly not a get rich quick scheme.  Expecting other people to hold my hand and tell me exactly what to do takes out the reward at the end.  If someone tells me what to do, then I work for them, not myself.  There's no pride in that.  If I want it, I have to work for it.  Shortcuts are nice, but there's a lot you miss when you take that shortcut including valuable lessons that could provide a basis for launching larger opportunities in the future.

Ride The Wave
Not everything goes according to plan.  Finding a Kate Spade dress out in the wild doesn't mean it will sell for full asking price the first week...or first month. Reselling is a constant journey and being within the fashion world it means that trends are consistently evolving.  Staying on top of those trends is key and I have to be able to shrug my shoulders when something I was sure was going to be hit, just quite isn't.  Then, I need to buckle down and do some more studying.

Take Time Off
I'm guilty of working to the point of burn out.  After I burn out, the next three days are a foggy haze in which nothing gets done and all of the hard work I previously accomplished is absolutely wasted. It's not healthy or productive for my business.  Taking time off, grabbing a cup of coffee with a friend, and ignoring my Poshmark notifications for a few hours do me a world of good.

Just Go
Being a reseller, even admitting that I resell clothing online, makes me feel vulnerable to.  I understand that it doesn't feel like a solid career choice and could sound a little crazy, but it feeds my soul.  I don't know where I'm headed on this journey, but I'm headed somewhere and that's much further than most people.

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