4 Ways To Change the World Without Getting Up From Your Seat

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

I love volunteering.  I see it as a win-win: good for you and good for the organization you're volunteering with.  But sometimes, life gets in the way and we don't have as much time as we would like to donate.  Or money.  That's something I tend to be short on.  I knew there had to be another way to make a difference from my desk.

I scoured the World-Wide-Web and found these 4 ways you can help make a greater change while snuggled deep under the covers and binge watching your series of choice or simply by opening an extra tab on your work computer.

Cats Vs. Cancer

Cats Vs. Cancer is the legitimate excuse cat video enthusiasts have been searching for.  This non-profit is powered by a team of volunteers whose goal is to find the funniest cat videos on the web for you to enjoy.  By watching these videos, the money Cats Vs. Cancer receives in ad sales on the sites goes directly into a cancer charity.  You can even suggest a cancer charity! So check them out, watch a couple videos and even click on a couple of ads to drive funds.


The words "Google it" probably fall out of my mouth once every ten minutes.  With such readily accessible information at our fingertips, search engines have increasingly become a source we heavily rely on to provide us with what we need.  So, why not use that need to drive a greater good?  That's what the folks behind Benelab are striving to do with each search.  Every time you search using Benelab, about a penny is donated to your cause of choice.  Simply sign up and use Benelab instead of Google and change the world one question at a time.

Bing Rewards

I'm not a super fan of Bing as a search engine, but as it's the default search engine on my Internet Explorer I use it for the daily rewards.  With the potential of earning 25 points a day (20 searches on your phone and 30 searches from a computer), the points rack up pretty quickly.  There are also about three credits you can earn by clicking on items on the Bing Rewards page.  So, how can you use these points for the greater good?  You can choose a school to donate your reward points to and earn that school a free Surface Tablet.  It costs about 30,000 points. Grab a group of friends, pick a school, and help them earn a great educational tool!


Sometimes, all it takes is your name and an e-mail address to seriously change the world.  This is Change.org's goal, an online petition website with a reputation for pushing for real action. A petition created on Change.org addressing Sallie Mae's fee policy generated 77,000 signatures and persuaded Sallie Mae to evaluate and change their system.  Currently, the creator of the blog Humans of New York has been fighting via Change.org to help a young Iraqi girl named Aya gain asylum in the United States after years of fleeing from multiple countries.  Browse through the current petitions and support those that pique your interest.  Make dreams come true and fight intolerance all with the power of your own name.

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