What Hangry Feels Like As Told By Vanderpump Rules

Monday, March 7, 2016

It's supposed to be a fun night out with friends, but you're hungry and there's no avoiding the monster your are about to unleash.  Only food will tame it and it is up to your pals to keep the hangry far, far away.

It always starts out nice and cutesie, because you don't want to scare anyone away.

But on the inside you're really like:
People try to make plans that don't involve food.
Your "friends" try to hold you off with the promise of eating later.
So even though you're not sold and have been burned by their empty promises before, you go along to be polite.
Then, you realize someone's brought a snack along with them and are noshing on it this very moment instead of partaking in whatever stupid activity it is you're doing that is not eating.
You stare at them.  You give them the stare-down to end all stare-downs, but they just turn away.
And when they've swallowed the last bite of their snack:
People, who clearly don't know you that well, don't see the fierce struggle you're currently battling and try to hold conversations with you.
After what seems like eons, the group agrees it's time to eat.  You try not to be overbearing when discussing options, but this is exerting far too much brain power.
No one can agree.  You've thrown in the towel and couldn't care less where you eat as long as it has things in it that are edible.

When you get to the restaurant, your friends, still in a jovial mood, take far too much time browsing the menu.
When the waitress comes by, someone holds out, requesting more time to decide.

Finally, the orders are in and after stumbling through trying small talk the food arrives.  You take that glorious first bite.
You feel a little guilty for your previous behavior.

But there is food in front of you sooo...
Once that food is settled in your stomach, you're restored to a (relatively) sane state.
Although you don't understand why this couldn't have all been settled hours ago by just inserting food into your mouth.

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