I Turned Off Style Requests - Here's What Happened

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

At 5:30 AM on January 7th, I woke up to 70 (yes, SEVENTY) style requests .  Some style requests were from the same person looking for suggestions in Cocktail Attire and Cozy Staples.  I sat down at my desk with my dual monitors and I got to work.  By 8:30, I was burnt and fully understood how much of a waste of time the style request option was for someone like me.  I, very happily, turned the ability off in my Posh Stylist settings.

Previously, I approached style requests by sharing a sign in my closet which notified the user we were style matched.  Why?  I saw so many sellers on Instagram frustrated with buyers who blocked them for sharing to their closet - all because they didn't realize that seller was one of their stylists.  I made the sign probably a week into the program launch.  I don't think anyone blocked me so in that sense it was effective.
Secondly, after I shared my sign, I reviewed the sizing of the potential buyer and shared items in that style request category. I probably shared anywhere from five to 20 items.  As the weeks wore on and more and more Poshers dropped from the stylist program, I limited myself to ten maximum.

I got one sale.  On one item.

By Christmas, I was over it.  A week before the holiday, I turned my setting off and sort of walked away from Poshmark all together.  Personally, I was using the week off that I had as an opportunity to do some introspection and the constant nagging of a style request would be less than helpful.

As 2018 rolled around, I decided to hop back in and really do my best to figure this thing out.  If the program was still out there, it has to be working for somebody....right?

So I switched up my tactics a few days in - this time, I wouldn't share a bunch of items into the void, never to hear from those shares again.  I shared my sign BUT I directly tagged the user and asked them for what they were looking for.  I used this tactic when someone didn't have a size.  Sometimes they responded back, but the majority of them did not.  However, it saved me a ton of time because I wasn't sharing items to someone who wasn't interested.  I could much better spend the limited time I have sharing my own items to the feed or sharing others.
Nine people got back to me.  Out of 90 people I reached out to.  Nine.  Just about all of them requested items that were not even in the same category that they chose for styling.  I shared to them all, thanked them all, and promptly never heard back.  Well, one girl skipped some of my shares so at least I know they were looked at.

I'm not a stylist.  I can barely style the outfits I put together each day.  I was really anxious about this program rolling out and the fallout from not participating.  I'm not a fashionista and I don't think I have to pretend to be one to be successful.  Those requesting styling are Looky Lou's.  They're just interested in what's out there and I don't entirely blame them.  But I'm not seeing return on my efforts, so I'd rather stick to targeting those looking for the specific item I have.

So, I turned off Style Requests - and nothing happened.  I'm still selling on my average and now that I have more time available to focus on buyers who actually are interested in buying, I'm optimistic.

**Update**  Yule at @beabellacouture mentioned to me that Poshmark sent out an e-mail recently that they will be removing Seller Stylists who did not respond to at least 3 Stylist Request by January 24th. (I didn't get this e-mail, but I never get any of the e-mails - and that's because I have Announcements turned off so I just fixed that!)  I recall reading complaints that people had about not actually receiving any Styling replies when they requested it.  Maybe this is their way of revamping the system or forcing people to respond?  As of January 25th, I still have the option to turn my Posh Styling settings off or on.

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