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Monday, January 22, 2018

I've become an avid Youtube watcher recently (including TED Talks!) so I'm not sure which video exactly (if I find it, I'll link it here) that mentioned simply smiling can uplift your mood.  I've been compiling things that make me bust out laughing and when I'm really down or having a hard day, I pull a funny meme or two up; my attitude changes almost immediately and I'm able to really let go of whatever was holding me back.  So here's a short list of things that make me bellyache.

Kristen Bell vs. The Sloth
I hope to feel as excited Kristen Bell feels about a sloth just once in my life.

The Haribo Sugarless Gummy Bear Review
Take a deep breath of oxygen before you dive into this're gonna need it.

Chris Pratt Bloopers & Outtakes from Parks & Recreation
Anything from Parks & Recreation is gold, but these are just a little bit extra.  Like, how does he keep a straight face?!?

Dwight & the CPR Dummy
I really don't know why but it kills me every single time.  This whole scene is fantastic - including the singing.

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