My Bad Habits

Monday, February 19, 2018

Bad habits -- the destruction of goals, the enemy of productivity.  After reading You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life, I realized I rely on my bad habits to excuse why I haven't attained my goals.  I can blame them for my failures instead of actually trying.  I'm not living my perfect life because my nails are chewed down.  I'm not achieving my goals because I don't have any food in the house.  Or even worse, Today's a wash...I'll start over tomorrow.  C'monnnnn, Jen!

The first step is to remove the power my bad habits hold over me.  Instead, I'm going to swap in different habits to defeat them and ensure I don't fall back into my previous routine.  Trying to work full time, run my Poshmark / eBay store, write resumes, and *hopefully* get back into my creative writing isn't going to work if I'm constantly throwing obstacles in my path.

I'm focusing in on three of my major bad habits and hopefully can use this to motivate me to eliminate other areas of concern.

Biting my nails
When I was in the 4th grade, this Cool Girl always bit her nails.  Apparently, I decided this was a characteristic I wanted to adopt.  So here we are 20 years later, still chomping on my nails.
Resolution: If I paint my nails, I won't bit them.  I don't understand the logic, but it works.  I'm just lazy and hate that I can't touch things while they dry.  I'm going to invest the time wisely; while my nails dry I will share my closet from my computer and meet my daily Poshmark Sharing Goals.  Clicking a mouse won't damage my nails!  Also, I really need to kick this habit boyfriend decided to drop some knowledge about what's living underneath my nails.  It's vomit-inducing.

Eating junk food
I get hangry and I can't wait to eat or I'll set something on fire.  Instead of spending the time creating a healthy and filling dish when I get home from work, I grab the quickest thing or grab a pizza from the pizza shop across the street.
Resolution: Meal prep!  I'm not the type of person who can come home and cook a full on meal.  Instead, if I have something healthy I can heat up, I'll make better decisions and not fall into a food coma.

Wasting time
When I have too much time available, nothing gets done.  If I don't give myself deadlines and the day is wide open, I don't really see the point in doing that thing right now when it could also be completed three hours from now.
Resolution: I recently purchased the Carrot App as well as downloading the Google Calendar app.  I love putting pen to paper and writing down the things I want to complete, but I'm a hot mess.  My mantra for the past ten years when leaving the house? "Phone? Card? Keys?"  These are the essentials.  Dragging a planner or notebook around is too hard for me.  Having it all on my phone leaves with me no excuses - it's all right there.  I can say yes or no to plans and carve out time for writing, taking photographs, and even lazy lying on the couch watching The Golden Girls marathons.  Carrot App was a great purchase for me - I love the feeling of swiping and eliminating a To-Do list item.  She also yells at me a lot when I'm slacking. It's very twisted that I find satisfaction in pleasing a robot, but it's working!

Wish me luck!!

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