Songs I Listened To Post-Breakup

Monday, May 6, 2019

When we were going through the ups and downs that inevitably happen due to a breakup, I couldn't listen to music anymore.  The one place I used to find refuge felt like a minefield, ready to remind me of what I no longer had. Every song change threatened to throw me into a depression or a fit of tears.  My heart couldn't take it.

I listened to Podcasts.  Spoken word seemed to be a safe place and specifically I delved into factual based and true crime podcasts.

I forced myself to leave the house, spent hours at my friend's house working out, talking, and cooking meals (well, she cooked and I watched). One Saturday, my parents were out of the house and I decided with no choices left to me, I really needed to look to the future. So what's a girl with a brand new apartment left to do? Go to Home Goods of course.  On the way there, I shuffled some of my favorite songs and slowly...I came back to music.

The following are the songs I immediately latched onto and listened to repeatedly, sometimes for hours at a time. (All song titles are linked to their corresponding YouTube videos).

Vivir Mi Vida - Marc Anthony
This was the song that brought me back. My ex is Puerto Rican and after three and a half years, I incorporated so much of his Hispanic culture into my life.  It's still taking me time, but just because he's left my life doesn't mean I have to let go of my love for this culture.  This song is so uplifting.  I really suggest listening and if you don't know Spanish, look up the translation!

Addicted - Simple Plan
Funny how 2003 Jen would get a kick of how aptly this applies to 2019 Jen's life.

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift
Taylor just gets it.

The Suffering - Coheed and Cambria
Every day of the breakup has felt like a seesaw.  Some days, I'm convinced there is hope and that we will find our ways back to each other.  Other days, I know that no matter what I did nothing could have changed the ending.

Go to Hell - Go Radio
This is a great sing-along at the top of your lungs in the car song.

Somebody Else Will - Mickey Guyton
Ultimately, the truth.  Currently struggling to believe it, but my therapist says repetition helps change your thoughts.

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