30 Day Relationship Challenge...With Myself: Day 1

Monday, August 15, 2016

As I previously wrote, I struggle with Self-Love.  Lately, my focus on studying for the GRE's and moving into my apartment lead to a loss in connecting in my alone time.  I take it harder when I don't do stellar on a practice test and it affects the way I study.  I have no confidence.

So even though I'm right in the middle of classes starting and the GRE, I knew it was time to jump into this Relationship Challenge I spotted on Pinterest a few months ago.  I have no problem making time for friends, family, and my boyfriend, but it's usually at the expense of some valuable me time.

This particular Relationship Challenge was written specifically for a couple to "spice things up."  (I snagged it from Popsugar.)  I'm not really looking to spice things up with anyone but myself so I'm going to sub out some of the suggestions and swap them in for some meaningful date yourself ideas. (That are not so sexually explicit.)

This is Day 1.  I think I am going to jumble the order around (you see the original order here) because it's a little hectic to do it in exactly the order PopSugar suggests.

Today's challenge is: Stay up late talking.  Really catch up and check in with each other. 

As talking to myself might cause some concern with my neighbors, I decided the best way to tackle this challenge was to move aside my To Do List and buckle down on some writing.

Wandering through TJ Maxx's a few months ago, I found this beautiful journal in blue (favorite color!) inscribed in beautiful gold script with the words "Everything starts with a dream."  I snatched it up and knew it would be the perfect addition to my future apartment.  It is.

Journaling is awesome.  It's this amazing way of spewing out the built up venom inside you from life's little frustrating moments.  It allows me to dissect the issues I struggle with and map out ways to conquer them.  Sometimes, it's also nice to get out something that is bugging me and see that it's not anything I should be concerned with.  I wrote three llloooonnnggg pages worth because I haven't sat down and wrote what's been going on with me for a while.

I feel...clean.  As if I took a washcloth and wiped out all of my worries.  I feel like I made some real progress in identifying the next steps I want to take and I also took notice that I'm so scared of standing up for myself.  I really need to knock that one off.

Day 1 -- Accomplished.  See ya on Day 2!


  1. A great idea :) What were you writing about? I'm doing a 30 day challenge too (The Guardian's - How to write a book in 30 days) and it is so useful to have the structure (although I might not have followed it all that precisely, back on the wagon today). Good luck xx


    1. How to write a book in 30 days?!? I'm going to have to look this one up! Let me know how it goes, I would love to take that challenge on. I just wrote about what's going on in my life and things determining what deserves my focus and what I can slack off on a bit.

  2. LOVE this! So excited I found your beautiful website and can't wait to start this challenge (tonight!), and to continue to follow more of your journey!

    1. Thanks Laura!! It's really awesome to think about ways to make yourself happy instead of everybody else. Also saw you're a PA girl too! Nice to meet you :)


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