30 Day Relationship Challenge...With Myself: Day 4

Monday, August 22, 2016

Today's Challenge: Leave a sweet, sexy, or romantic note somewhere they will find it.

Yesterday afternoon, I scrolled through Pinterest and found a nice saying or two to add to my Love Yourself board and jotted down a quote on a Post-It.  It felt like a lot of words there, so I dialed it back and wrote two other positive notes.  I stuck them on the mirror of my DIY vanity.
The idea? When I started prepping for work in the morning, it would be a nice little boost of confidence when my hair refused to be controlled.

The execution? Not so great.  As I sat down, I realized the Post-Its fell in the middle of the night and were scattered across the table.
Oh well.  It was still nice enough to read, especially since right before I went to bed I received some really bad words from a client and I was still unnerved when I woke up.  Top it off with a restless sleep because at 4 o'clock in the freaking morning Charlie decided it was a fantastic time to play fetch and brought her ball of aluminum onto the bed and nudged it against my head, just in case I didn't hear her wrestling with it in the hallway.

Children.  But hey, I woke up to a note saying I'm a babe...did you??

Day 4 -- Dunzo!  See ya on Day 5!

As a reminder, the inspiration for this list came from PopSugar.

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