Fall Gifts

Monday, October 24, 2016

It's that time of year folks: Gifting Season.  With it comes a scramble for last minute ideas (because we're lazy) that are within budget (cause we are poor/cheap) yet have some sentimental meaning to it (because we're not without feelings).

Here are a few gifts to give during the fall season, whether it's a co-workers birthday or thank you to someone hosting a Thanksgiving that won't break the bank but still show your appreciation.

Scented Soaps
This is a super idea from Kierste at Simply Kierste.  She used soap from Bath & Body Works but if you really want to stretch the budget out a bit, you can grab fall scented hand soaps from Michael's.  I usually find them located near the register.

Candy Corn Bath Salts
I think this is a good craft for those of us who aren't artistically inclined--meaning it's easy, while still looking like you took the time to make something beautiful.  The tutorial Toni from Blue Skies Ahead created is pretty straightforward and easy to follow.

Coffee Mug
If you're really feeling ahead of your game, you can find a cute fall themed coffee mug on Etsy or Pinterest to gift.  However, if you're running short on time, check out the clearance at TJ Maxx, Marshall's, or Homegoods to grab a cute mug and fill it with pumpkin spiced...something, IDK there's so much PUMPKIN SPICE in this world: coffee, creamer, spice, towels, underwear, etc. (Sorry, I'm a Pumpkin Spice hater!)

You really can't go wrong with a candle.  One of the best places to find cheap candles can be Michael's, the Dollar Store, or Goodwill!  My Goodwill has a section of candles and, really, no matter what time of year there is always a fall scented candle I swear!  Scents like Pumpkin Spice (ugh, see note above), Cider, Apple, and even Homemade Cookies are great options.

Sugar Scrub
This is another option if you're feeling particularly crafty.  Scrubs seem to be all the rage lately and I think this is also a good option if you're trying to make things for a group of people; you can just make a massive amount of it!  This tutorial is from Susan at Oh My! Creative and I'm thinking about making it for my office mates.  She even has printables to put on top of the sugar scrub jar to make it extra fancy!

Do you have a favorite fall gift to give?  If so, what is it and have you blogged about it?  Post it in the comments! :)


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