What A High School Reunion Is Actually Like As Told By The Craft

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Ahh, high school--the fodder for Hollywood movies filled with unfounded expectations and unrealistic scenarios.

In August, I attended my 10 Year High School Reunion.  It was...a pretty poor showing.  Graduating with a class of over 500, maybe (this is a far stretch) 100 people showed.  As a happily self-named Nobody, I admit I was excited by the prospect of reconnecting with some of my former high school's Nobodies.  The kids who had their nose shoved to far in books and now were successful writers.  The kids who listened to The Used (and understood good music) and wore heavy eyeliner before I joined their numbers in college.

This was definitely not the case, so I wrote a list of things you can expect at your high school reunion so you won't be disappointed like I was.

You'll be really excited to show off how much you've grown since high school.

But you'll stand around in the corner with the people you already still talk to

You'll do your hardest not to chuckle at the popular guys who are balding.

You'll be slightly bummed to see your high school crush has...um, changed.

You'll try avoid those who were less than kind to you in high school, walking by without a nod of recognition.

You'll have to reintroduce yourself to people you spent almost every day with for four years.

You'll feign interest in your former classmate's boring lives.

And you'll walk out of there, happy to leave high school behind.

See you all in another ten years!

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