Halloween Horrors

Monday, October 3, 2016

It's October, kiddos.  That means one thing and one thing only: Hallow-freakin-ween.  I like Halloween, but for so long it seemed like this ridiculous holiday dedicated to how "cute" I could be.  This was the chance to wear that skirt that was wwwwaaaayyyy to short and get away with it.  Yeah, I really thought like that.

Men rarely, if ever, have the pressure to be the cutest one in the room.  So they don't struggle with having to put together this costume that says I'm sexy, but not slutty, funny, but not trying to hard, and, top it off, that I didn't spend too much.  Yuck.

I'm over it.  This year, I plan on creating a costume (costumes?) that make a positive statement instead.  It can still be cute but it doesn't matter what the other people at the party think of me as long as I know I'm standing there saying, "Women, we got this and we're going to keep--Oh, great there's the 3rd guy dressed up as that Reno 911 character.  How original of him to show his legs off like that." *Eyeroll.*

I gathered a few of my past costume nighmares.  Take a gander and feel free to judge.

Raggedy Ann (the first time)
Pirates Baseball Player (I wanted to be Benny the Jet from the Sandlot)
Alisha and I dressed up as our dogs, Yogi & Jake, to visit Grandma at her nursing home.
Dressed up as Big Bird to attend 96.1 Kiss's Halloween Bash at Stage AE.  I loathed that costume.
But of course, the night before I recycled my Raggedy Ann costume to run around Southside because I couldn't wear my Raggedy Ann costume two nights in a row! (Clearly Carly's more confident than me.)
I don't know what I was.  I just wanted to wear my prom dress in the Southside.
Katie and I attended a workout class and dressed up as Mean Girls.
Hipster Belle is kind of my favorite so far because the only item for this outfit that wasn't in my closet is the blue cami I picked up at Forever 21 for $2.

Do you guys have any dreadful Halloween costumes that you wish you just left in the back of your closet?  Share them with me!!

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