Ten Things I Believe In

Monday, August 17, 2015

  1. I truly believe if everyone was nicer to one another, half of the world's problems would be eradicated.
  2. Everything about society is fake: it's only there because we say it's there.  If we all stopped following along, societal pressures would crumble.
  3. Social Media has made us less informed on what's going on in the world.  Instead of consulting legitimate sources, we take a friend's post on Twitter as the truth.  No one takes the time to invest in researching a topic before shouting their opinions from Facebook's rooftop.  
  4. Reading fiction keeps you young.  To keep your imagination in shape, you have to read and read often.  Magic's out there, you just have to find it.
  5. No one cares about what you look like.  We are all too self absorbed noticing what is wrong with ourselves to bother with you. (Truth: Believe along with me, and you'll find yourself struggling far less often with your self image.)
  6. I believe in volunteering.  Money's great and donating to causes are awesome too, but someone has to count that money.  Someone has to clean out that doggie's cage at the animal shelter.  If people were more willing to donate their time, the money donated could be better spent on furthering research or other things.
  7. Friends are going to change and so are you.  You can't follow the same identical life path as your friends.  If you treasure them as if they one day won't be here anymore, then you will never regret a moment spent with them later on in life.
  8. Passing judgement is the downfall of us all.  I 100% believe that only God can judge you; however, this doesn't give you free reign to run around like an idiot.  This just means you are free to make mistakes, not continuously repeat them for sport.  
  9. Just because it's weird to you, it doesn't mean it's wrong.  Weird can be right, too.
  10. Say you're sorry, say it often, and say it with meaning.  Never expect to hear it back, but say it to anyone you have wronged.  No matter what they did to deserve your wrath, you don't deserve to sink to a level that causes damage.  Apologizing helps you heal, learn, and grow.

Idea provided by: Kludgy Mom's Idea Bank

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