I'm Jen, a 30 year old sober dance-aholic who lives an exciting life as a full-time Crazy Cat Lady.  With a Bachelor's in English and a minor in Creative Writing, I have a "thing" for books - the only reason I chose my major.  It was a completely irrational decision and cost me a lot of money but if we're going for honesty, I'd do it again.

I've basically lived in the same two towns my entire life--I've moved back and forth between Pittsburgh, PA and New York five times now.

I sell my clothes second-hand on Poshmark and work as a grants administrator.

I do weird things like call the cops because I think a stranger is breaking in my window when it's actually a raccoon. Or scream at strangers that I know them from home when - oh, nope, you're right I know you from TV, you second-rate reality star! Or wear my PJ's inside out in the middle of July even though I hate snow because sometimes you just need a Snow Day, no matter when it is.

I started this blog because I was getting tired of reading articles targeted at woman that were constantly addressing how to better my outsides.  Instead, I wanted to try and decorate my own soul.  So, this is my journey to finding the beauty within and a whole lot of laughter.  Hope you enjoy the ride!

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