So Your Crush Asked You Out as Told by the Golden Girls

Monday, December 28, 2015

It finally happened.  The guy you've been eyeing for weeks on end finally got the nerve to ask you out.  Obviously, you said yes.

Congratulations! You caught his attention, of course, by utilizing your charm, wit, and extreme intelligence.
rose golden girls sophia shimmy television
First, of course, you had to tell your girls, who are just as excited as you.
Mostly because they were tired of hearing about him and were beginning to doubt he even existed.
Anyway, now that you've come down from your high, you realize you have a massive problem.
You get antsy and your friends, previously excited, are no help.
So basically, you just give up.

But, by the grace of God, you find an outfit that has you feeling phenomenal.  And a little bit boastful.

After the date, you know you have to brief your friends and decide to drop a hint of what the evening held.  But you can barely speak, you're too excited.
So you blurt it out.
To which they will reply (if they're really your friends):

But, as a lady, you won't have much to tell them.

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