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Monday, January 15, 2018

My original title for this post was Part Time Poshmark, Full Time Drama.  It didn't make sense but it made me laugh so now I'm forcing you to see it.  You're welcome.

I have a full time job as a grants administrator working 8:30-4:30PM.  For the past 3 years, I've dabbled in the art of freelance writing - specifically resume writing.  Resume writing comes with pretty strict deadlines for first drafts and rewrites within the space of a week.  A few years ago, I also started selling all of my junk (and my grandfather's) on eBay and last January I started to invest in Poshmark.  Oh, and I forgot to mention that I am also a Full Time Certified Procrastinator.

With my day job, resume writing, reselling, and procrastinating, my schedule is tight.  Basically, reselling is a side hustle after my main side hustle.  In 2018, I plan on reducing my resume writing and replacing it with reselling.  Will I ever take it full time?  I don't see it.  However, I also have no idea what my grown up job is going to be, so maybe - but that's a philosophical pursuit that you aren't here to travel with me today.

As we all know, the magic of Poshmark is heavily based on your interactions with it.  A day without sharing is a day down the tubes.  For 2018, I made this sheet that I have hanging above my desk detailing how I am going to participate and boost my chances within the ever-elusive algorithm.   I wanted a way to keep myself accountable, map growth, and notice trends.  Sometimes, Poshmark feels like a vacuum of activity with no trackability.

There are a bunch of motivational tidbits to make me smile and get my butt in gear (I made this on Canva, by the way).  It also lessens my anxiety by making me feel like I'm in control in some weird way.  It isn't an overwhelming amount to struggle with either early in the morning before work or when I'm mid-evening chowing down on an unhealthy dinner and binging YouTube videos.  I also like that I can spread out completing these goals over the course of the day and I don't have to make room in my schedule for the 30 Minute Method (which this is loosely based on).

Each day is preset and I can pursue other things in my life without feeling the need to glue myself to my computer or phone...unless I really feel the need to creep on the Instagrams of all of the Married at First Sight past cast members.

I don't list daily - I'm not there yet and it gives me weird anxiety to have items just sitting.  I'm aware this could also affect the algorithm but really, guys, where would you like me to fit in procrastinating in with a schedule that also involves daily listing?  #priorities

I'm hoping my little sharing plan will evolve with the year.  Do you all have any useful ways to keep yourselves accountable?

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