50 States Challenge: Texas

Monday, February 25, 2019

October 11th - 14th

POSHFEST 2018!! I was excited when they announced PoshFest was taking place in Texas because it was a state I needed to check off my list. 

My mom tagged along for PoshFest and it was so awesome to share with her this new adventure. PoshFest also felt like a safe bubble.  Everyone was welcoming and meeting people I've been chatting with for over a year through text also turned PoshFest into a high school reunion but with the people you actually wanted to see.

We managed to see a few sights in Dallas.  The Nylo hotel we stayed in had a gorgeous rooftop pool and view of the city. On the first night of PoshFest, we hung out with a few other Poshers and made new friends. The last night was the PoshFest Party and the highlight of the whole weekend.

I did not plan my outfits out the way I should have, but it also didn't matter. I wore a T-Shirt I picked up in Nashville and a Nike tank top I found at Goodwill. Some people went all out and others were relaxed like me.  I love that everyone really went all in for living their own personal style.  Even though I was dressed down, I never felt singled out.

One of the highlights was making it to the very front of the Poshmark group photo.  So, did I feel like I learned a ton at PoshFest?  No, but my mom did and that definitely helped propel us so far this year.  The most important part of PoshFest is the connections and relationships you establish with other Poshers.

So, we'll both be back for PoshFest in 2019 and hope to see you there!!

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