Book of the Week: July 16th, 2016

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Eek! So I'm behind a week.  I wrote a really lovely post destroying The Power of Now: The Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment and then I deleted it.  Because I don't know what I'm doing and shouldn't be left alone to touch buttons and click things.

Last week, I read High Fidelity by Nick Hornby.  While it wasn't my favorite of his, it still had that self-deprecating introspection of his that I've come to appreciate.  When I finish reading a book, I immediately google it.  I read the Wikipedia page and look over other links to see if I've missed anything good or to learn some new fun facts.  I didn't know they made a movie out of this one, but since it wasn't on Netflix I also discovered that A Long Way Down was also made into a movie and I watched that in it's place.  It wasn't awful, just missed a lot of key moments and moved too fast.  Still nice to hear his words come to life.

This week's book is The Lifted Veil by George Eliot.  I have yet to read Middlemarch.  I know, an English major who has not read Middlemarch.  Is it even possible?!?!  Clearly, my program sucked.  I started it but never really made it through a few years ago.  I'm actually reading this one on my tablet; it's the first book I downloaded on this bad boy and it's quite enjoyable.

Also, I'm looking for a recommendation of a book written in 2016.  I'm really bad with keeping up with current reads, so any suggestions are welcome!

Happy reading!!

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