Ten Things You Shouldn't Do When You Run Into An Ex

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

1. Giggle. Bite on your tongue or pinch yourself, just don't giggle.  This is already uncomfortable enough.

2. Pull on your skirt because you think it's too short.  This will just draw attention to your skirt, make you wonder if they think you look skanky, and create a need in you to talk about your current/past academic/work achievements to prove you have your sh*t together.  (Be real, you don't.)

3.  Mention the person you are currently dating if they don't already know.   Or that you're still single.  Just don't even bring up your relationship status at all.

4.  Bring up random past memories that were funny but kind of aren't now because of all the *drama* between that moment and this one right now.

5. Ask them about their grandmother/pet/plant who died.

6. Ask if you can use their family condo.

7.  Ask for any favor at all.

8.  Show your disappointment about running into them by saying something like, "I figured this was going to happen at some point, but did it have to happen today?"

9.  Fake your excitement about running into them by saying something like, "It could not have been a better day to run into you!"

10.  Run, arms flailing in the opposite direction.

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