30 Day Relationship Challenge...With Myself: Day 8

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Aaannndd after a ridiculously extended delay...I'm back!  Bring back the challenge my friends!

I've been really good at being busy lately (example: watching 8 episodes of Gilmore Girls in 2 days during a working week).  My priorities have been focused in other areas, you could say. *cough* Netflix *cough*

Today's Challenge: Take turns photographing each other. 

There is probably nothing I have more difficulty with in this world than taking pictures of myself.  I guess that's why I'm on this self-love journey to begin with.  I don't want to struggle so much with the girl I see when I flip open the front-facing camera.

I wanted to do this challenge all at once, but I had to spread it out over a couple of days.  I also used Snapchat filters which, if we're being honest, made me feel ridiculously young.  Ridiculously.  A lot of the bloggers I've been encountering lately are these young women in their early twenties--some in their late teens!  I know I had the selfie game during the Myspace days, but as I've grown older I guess I've found reasons to avoid taking pictures unless someone's standing in the photo with me and even then I'll do my best to escape.

Which means I often miss out on important moments.  My boyfriend and I went to Lake Erie and I didn't take one shot of us or even one with another friend we went with.  I didn't ask for one photo of me with the lake behind me to remind Future Jen how happy that day made me.  I'm not going to have photos to sift through when I'm older if I don't get over it and take the damn picture.

So, with the help of Snapchat, I decided to take some goofy photos that I know will make me smile in a few years the same way I do when I come across my Myspace shots circa 2008.  With the exception of the very first one--which was actually taken on my 28th birthday after I came home from my *free!* eye makeup from Sephora --the other three are taken from my couch while in my sweats.  Talk about a little empowerment there!

The last one is weirdly my favorite. Everyone loves the flower crown filter, but of course I like the "dead" flower crown filter best.  Go figure.

Day 8 -- Gone!  See ya on Day 9!

As a reminder, the inspiration for this list came from PopSugar.

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