50 States Challenge: Pennsylvania

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Presque Isle State Park, Erie
September 11, 2016

Because we are in complete disagreement on who first proposed Erie, I'll play it safe and say that after a successful trip to McConnell's Mill, Ricky and I mutually agreed Lake Erie was the next trip.  Either way, I was really, REALLY excited.  I've never made it to Lake Erie before and I knew it would be the perfect trip for my 50 States Challenge and would definitely fall in line with the rules I'd set!  We managed to drag along Ricky's friend Katrina and her friend Pat who was visiting from Michigan.

The trip from Pittsburgh ran a little over 2 hours, but it was a straight shot up the highway.  We left a little after 10:30 and arrived about a quarter to one and as soon as we crossed into Presque Isle my mouth dropped.  It. Was. Gorgeous.
We weren't exactly sure where to park but happily landed across the road from the only open beach (it was the week after Labor Day).  All previous notions I had about swimming in a lake were washed away the minute my feet touched the sand.  If you blindfolded me, picked me up, spun me around and told me it was the ocean, I would have believed you.
We walked a little ways down the beach and started picking up rocks to skip into the crashing waves.  Tearing our shoes off, we jumped around in the water and slowly made our way towards the Lighthouse.  Ricky chanced upon a crashed Spiderman kite and he struggled to catch some wind, but successfully sailed it a few times.
The Lighthouse was different than what I expected but pretty nonetheless.  The inside was livable, which surprised me.  I guess I expect them all to just be for show.  You had to pay to climb to the top and I think at that point, we were all a little winded.
After we trekked back up the beach, we hit up Sara's for a quick bite and left.  I cannot wait to go back.  I'd been missing living by the ocean and this was a great substitute.  Ugh, I love water.  Like, really, really love it.

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