November Goals

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Another month has come and gone!  October felt like quite a whirlwind.  Family came into visit.  I turned 28.  My mom, Dad, and I visited my grandpa in New York and climbed the Fire Island Lighthouse for the very first time.

Which basically means that I failed on most of my October Goals.  I accomplished:
  • Celebrating my birthday - I went to a lovely dinner with my boyfriend on my actual birthday, ate lasagna and cake with my family the next night, and over the following weekend attended a Halloween themed outing in my neighborhood with some friends.  And I didn't delete my Facebook!!
  • Publishing 12 blog posts within the month - Woo!  I did it!  I stayed focused!! You can catch up on my October posts which included my new series on fashion finds through Poshmark.
This month, I hope to be way more focused and be able to pat myself on the back come November 30th.  I'm also limiting my goals to three because the holidays haven't even begun and I'm already starting to feel overwhelmed.  I'm optimistic that if I set three goals, I can accomplish them!

Cook a traditional Thanksgiving dish
I am such an awful cook.  I really feel like at one point in my life I wasn't so awful but maybe after the years living with my grandfather, who cooked most of out meals, I've grown rusty.  Either way, it's difficult to nibble on so I'd like to try a new dish because I'm fearful I will grow tired of pasta every night.

Finish the Pitt Application
Okay really though, this one sort of needs to happen because my future depends on it (to be slightly overdramatic).

Increase my knowledge of the blogging world
Whether this is through Google Analytics, Bloglovin', or just getting a better grasp on my social media game, I really want to step up what I do with this blog so that every post really packs a punch!

Did you set November goals?  Post a link in the comments below so I can read them!

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