My Brother Is Getting Married

Thursday, April 14, 2016

In one month, my brother will stand at an altar and watch a beautiful woman in white come towards him and in front of all those seated in that church, he will marry her.

In. One. Month.

My brother, my first friend, is marrying the love of his life and we're a month away and I'm only recently starting to wrap my head around what that actually means.  He's beginning a journey that leads him to a new family.  He'll no longer be just my brother; he'll be somebody's husband.

Last week, I went to my brother's house to hang out and do some work together while watching TV.  As he took me around the house and showed off the newest additions, I realized somewhere along the line, he grew up.  Okay, moving out and buying your own home is proof enough you're growing up, but to actually watch him make his own dinner and even offer to make some for me was an incredibly bittersweet moment.

I'm luckier than some.  I love his bride-to-be.  I'm still not sure why she's marrying him, but if she hasn't figured out how weird he is than that's her own fault and I can't be held accountable.  My brother chose a girl we all love too and I'd like to think the many slaps and punches I delivered over the years to keep him in line helped him keep her.

We've gone through every life stage together.  When Hanson came out, Taylor was (obviously) favored by us both and when the book fair at school sold an all-you-need-to-know book detailing Taylor's life, we both insisted on having our own copy.  In 1997, we both navigated the unwanted move to a new state. We skated around the basement in circles blaring Backstreet Boys.  Our favorite ripped jeans were purchased after careful consideration at American Eagle with perfectly popped collars.  We moshed at Blink-182 and shopped exclusively at PacSun and Hot Topic, favoring black tops and long swoopy bangs.  Sitting for hours at the piano while he strummed on his guitar, we tried to replicate our favorite melodies from The Used.  I defended him when his anxiety got the best of him.  He held me back when my bark was bigger than my bite.  Once upon a time, I was taller than him.

This next life stage, though, all he needs me to do is cheer him on from the sidelines.   We're not the Cristalli Children anymore.  He doesn't need me to be his backbone because he's found someone who, if we're honest, will probably do a better job than I ever did.

In one month my brother will marry the love of his life and I can't wait to watch their journey.

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  1. Aww Jen, this so beautiful. You made me tear up. So happy Jess will be gaining such a wonderful sister! Jill


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