50 States Challenge: Ohio

Thursday, May 5, 2016

April 15 - 17, 2016
Sandusky, Ohio

After many different ideas and locations were discussed, the bridesmaids finally agreed the perfect Bachelorette location for Jess's party was Kalahari Resorts in Sandusky, Ohio.  A favorite of Jess's when she was younger, it was the perfect place to let loose and have a little fun.

The six of us embarked on a Friday afternoon and found our way to the beautiful water park in decent time.  Upon our arrival, Sara, Kelly, and I kicked Jess our of the room and spent the next hour decorating our massive suite with all things bachelorette.  It was an impressive size.  One side was filled with Disney items while the other was...dirty.
When Jess came back to the room, she squealed with delight.  Sara handed her a scrapbook we made filled with pictures we each had taken individually with Jess.  We unloaded a few items and agreed we were starving so we grabbed dinner at the Ivory Coast Restaurant.  After our stomachs were full, we got back to the room and started to slowly get ready for the evening.

Kelly brought a Disney Love Quote game that had us all questioning our Disney knowledge.  We laughed and blared music (surprisingly, not one complaint!).  

Our first night, Jess donned a gorgeous white crop top set while the rest of the bridesmaids wore black with matching Team Bride sashes.  One of Kelly's decorations was a self-created photo booth backdrop.  We took a few selfies with a new selfie stick Jess bought and went out looking for a little adventure.
However, there wasn't much adventure to find.  The first restaurant we went to closed in an hour and we were the only patrons at the bar.  A smaller hut out in the lobby served cocktails so we stopped there for another hour before retiring.

The next morning, we scrounged for food and got ready for the water park!

Minus a two hour gap where I accidentally got lost (oops!), the day was spent sliding down rides, eating food, and getting tossed in the wave pool.

That evening, we ate at The Reserve where the DJ gave us a shout out and included Jess's wedding date on the big screen in front of our table.
We continued the good vibes by hitting the arcade downstairs.  When we first arrived, we chatted with the cart attendant who upon learning we were a Bachelorette Party grabbed us $200 worth in arcade credit.  After a rousing game of Laser Tag where we teamed up with the cutest little boy, we started slaying every game in sight with one goal in mind: earn enough tickets to buy this Ball Blaster Gun Jess eyed the day before.  
While playing one game, an arcade attendant asked if she could check the machine for tickets, if we let her she'd let us play for free.  We had no problem with this and she set us up with a few free games, one on which Sara won 250 tickets.  The arcade attendant must have taken a liking to us, or because we were the only non-children in the room she started following us and giving us the left over tickets in massive bunches.  We ran over to consolidate the tickets and found us well past our 1,000 ticket goal.  In fact, we were closer to 2,000 so we decided to keep going and get Jess two guns to shoot at Jonathan at will.

Well, we succeeded and Jess received a shiny pink and green gun.

On Sunday, the girls went swimming in the Lazy River and hung out in the hot tub for a little while as I waited in the lobby and eyed down the cutest baby kangaroo!

We left Kalahari after lunch in the arcade and waved goodbye to Jessica's Bachelorette Party Weekend.


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