The Feelings You Go Through When You're Sent An Offer As Told By Grace & Frankie

Monday, February 5, 2018

Your phone lights up, alerting you with a new offer - you get emotionally prepared.

As you open the app and you wait it for it to load...

But it's a lot lower than you'd like.

So, you try your luck and submit a counteroffer.

But they just resend their initial offer.

You do your best not to feel insulted and to simply shake it off.

More often than not, it'd be a lot easier to simply just decline.

But we all know suspect that declining affects the algorithm.

You saddle up for another go around and drop your offer lower.

And wait some more.

Finally, after an eternity, they meet you halfway.

Cheers to that sale!  Now go package it up.

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