How Valentine's Day Feels When You're Single as Told by The Golden Girls

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

When your friends start getting excited about the endless possibilities the holiday brings:
When your friend wonders aloud about what she hopes her boyfriend will be gifting her with this year:
When you see YET ANOTHER Facebook post about an engagement:
When your sister complains about all of the guys asking her out for that night:
When your friend (who's in a relationship and won't be alone that night) tries to soapbox about how unimportant this greeting card holiday is:
When your mom asks you to stop making eyes at the cashier, but you can't help yourself because he doesn't have a ring on his finger and might be free on February 14th, so...:
When your best friend goes into vivid detail on how the evening played out with her date:
When you're desperate enough to attend a single's mixer but you did everything except mix:
When it's finally Valentine's Day, you've got no plans, and you're sitting in your sweatpants about to turn on a Golden Girls marathon and you're not playing around with what you truly really need:

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