Ten Amazing Things About Valentine's Day Being Over

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

1. It's the last winter holiday.  Onward bound to Spring!!

2. Pink disappears from stores and is replaced with fun pastel Easter colors.  (Sorry if you like pink, but...yuck.)

3. All of your single friends return from their depressive lonely state to their cheerfully sarcastic selves.  They also stop asking if you have any other single friends to set them up with, which lessens the pressure on you to actually do so because you know that setting people up usually ends up with catastrophic results.  For you.

4. All of your friends in relationships stop yapping about how wonderful their significant other is and about the amazing gifts they received during the holidays.  March is on the horizon and with that, the end of coupling season.  Relationship status seems to be less of a topic of discussion (FINALLY).

5. Everyone stops pinning powerful quotes about being single and waiting for the one (ex: "I'm not single, I'm in a long term relationship with fun and freedom") or already having the one and trying to figure out how to make the day unrealistically memorable (ex: "20 Uber Cheap Valentine's Day Date Ideas") and your Pinterest feed can go back to horribly impossible DIY projects.

6. Love songs on the radio don't make you want to throw up because they now mix them up with a few heartbreakers, a couple of songs about drugs/money, and a country tune about a truck.

7. Your parents stop being visibly all lovey-dovey around each other and hopefully keep it behind closed doors because as a child no matter how grown you are YOU DON'T WANT TO SEE THIS WHY DON'T THEY UNDERSTAND?!?!  Your stomach can finally settle until their wedding anniversary rolls around.  Unless you're one of the lucky few whose parents' anniversary falls on Valentine's Day.  You lucky bastards.

8.  Desserts at the grocery store are no longer emblazoned with hearts and pink and red sprinkles and go back to being non-descript regular old cakes, cookies, and pastries.  The cashier no longer stares at you trying to evaluate if you will be downing these products solo (um, yes, obviously, I don't share as a rule).

9. People suddenly come up with other questions to ask you about instead of what your plans are for Valentine's Day.  Remember the weather? Yes, let's talk about that again.

10. All of the chocolate is half off or more.  Really, this is the only reason necessary.

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