Ten Things I Find Annoying About Being An Adult As Told By Boy Meets World

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

1.  I'm expected to eat like I have manners in public.
2.  I'm supposed to do something called "pay bills."  Why? What is the point of this, please?
3.  I'm expected to be in the same space, five days a week, 7 hours a day or I won't get paid.
4. I convinced myself I you actually like going to garage sales to "find" deals in other people's junk.
5. People think I know how to behave like a normal person simply because I'm a grown-up.
6. I have an actual bedtime that if I don't stick to throws off my entire week.
7. Cashiers are calling me "Ma'am."  We've skipped over "Miss" entirely.  Am I that old already?!?!
8. My parents want me to take over paying for things, like my phone bill.
9. One word: couponing.
10. I need to iron my clothes before I leave the house because it's not a good look for an adult's fashion statement to be "I don't care" when walking into the office.

In conclusion, I believe Eric Matthews said it best:

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