30 Day Relationship Challenge...with Myself: Day 3

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Music.  Music is my soul (how cliché).  As previously noted, I have the extremely useless talent of being able to recall lyrics to the most obscure songs or ones I've only heard a few times.  When I find a song that I really love, I listen to it over and over and over for days.  I can see a story unfolding in the song.

Maybe it's because I'm an English major, but I'm a nut for lyrics.  The words in a song and the pictures they paint is what I enjoy.  With the exception of House/Techno music, I can listen to any genre as long as the song makes me feel something.

Today's challengeMake a playlist for each other.  Pick songs that mean something to you both.

So this is a playlist of songs that I love and love me back.  I previously made a few lists on this blog of songs I enjoy and some of those songs will also appear here.  I created this list using Spotify and titled it "Love Me."  I made the playlist last night and listened to it all day at work today.  I smiled a lot and remembered the memories of the first time I heard these songs.  It's amazing how a song can pull you back to an actual moment and you can recall the way the sky looked or where you were, even the smell of your old car.

1. Come on Eileen by Dexy's Midnight Runners - I don't understand why I love this song but I will stop whatever I am doing and dance my behind off to this song.  This is my song.  In the moment I'm listening to it, the world is all right.

2. Heroes by David Bowie - This song makes me feel.  The first few times I listened to this song (over and over on repeat obvi), I was on the Long Island Expressway and I went down a hill and threw my hands in the air and pretended I was flying.  Yeah, I am that dorky.

3. Only the Good Die Young by Billy Joel - Even though the singer is trying to get a girl to sleep with him, I love this song because it comforted me when my friend passed away.  It reminds me to live a little and to not be so uptight.

4. Second Hand Heart by Dwight Yoakam - She said when I trusted love I dreamed in color too...yeah, that was enough to get me hooked to this song but it's meaning is about trying again after you've been hurt and hurt others.  It made me believe it was worth trying again...and again...and again.

5. Your Ex-Lover Is Dead by Stars - This will always be on my list because When there's nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire.

6. Pray For You by Jaron And The Long Road To Love - My boyfriend introduced me to this song.  The concept is witty and playful and the beat is a great tune to bop around in your cart too.  Trust me, I've tried.

7. Stay A Little Longer by Brothers Osborne - This song captures that in-between feeling when you've met someone and you're not entirely sure if they're good for you but you keep going back.  Do I understand this one or what?

8. Think of You by Chris Young & Cassadee Pope - I am a super-fan of Cassadee's, so of course her powerhouse voice mixed with Chris Young's is a necessary sing-along-song on this list.

9. Rescue by Yuna - A song that is a beautiful reminder (especially during a Self-Love Challenge) that you don't need anyone to save you; you can rescue yourself.

10. Vegas by All Time Low - I struggled to only put one All Time Low song on this list.  Out of all of them, it would have to be Vegas.  The longing in this song and frustration is painted so wonderfully that this one stands out above all of All Time Low's work.

11. Devil's Got My Woman by Andrew Combs - Because what's better than a song about a man frustrated his girl won't sleep with him?

12. Lost Stars by Adam Levine - I don't even like Adam Levine, but I love this song.  There's a faster version (Into the Night mix) and a Keira Knightly version from the movie Begin Again but the slower one is so...magical.

13. Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance - I want to pump my first in the air when Gerard Way assures us we'll carry on.  God, I miss them.

14. Dime Store Cowgirl by Kacey Musgraves - Even though I'm definitely not a dime store cowgirl, I relate to the lyric "had to get away so I could grow, but it don't matter where I'm goin' I'll still call my hometown home."  It took me a while to call Pittsburgh home, but I'm finally there.

Day 3 -- Fin! See ya on Day 4!

As a reminder, the inspiration for this list came from PopSugar.


  1. Great selection! Mine would be way cheesier ( a fair amount of Jack Johnson would be featured... so many summer memories) :) I loved the film Begin Again and thought that the music that Keira Knightly's character sang was actually really cool too!


    1. The cheesier the better I always say! And oh my God, wasn't Begin Again amazing? If Netflix didn't pester me to watch it, I would have missed out on such a gem!

  2. For a really long time I thought I was the only one who actually cared about the lyrics of the song but now I know I'm not.


    1. You are definitely not alone! Lyrics are what make the song!


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