30 Day Relationship Challenge...With Myself: Day 5

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Okay, so today's challenge made me giggle a lot.

I struggle with accepting compliments so I thought this one was going to be rough. When someone mentions anything directly relating to my personality or appearance, I immediately deflect it.  I don't feel I deserve the compliment.

My response usually comes off rude as I dismiss the compliment.  Or, I turn it around and feel I must quickly return the nicety because the last thing in this world I want is for someone to think I am conceited.  I blame Regina George for this one.

pretty animated GIF

Clearly, she's in my head but if Mean Girls taught us anything, we shouldn't have a Regina George in our head.

Today's Challenge: Send each other compliments throughout the day. 

This one stumped me at first.  Texting myself a compliment felt weird because I was going to get it in the moment.  Sending an e-mail would also make them all come at once as well.  And then my reminder in my phone went off to take my vitamins (totally ignored it and left the house without taking them anyway).  I could set reminders for the next day every hour on the hour!

So that hurdle was handled, but the next one was slightly more difficult...as in, what am I actually going to tell myself??

I started with "You're a cute nerd" and it sort of made me vomit in my own mouth.  I was putting myself down in a compliment.  This was rough.  Pinterest would get me out of this confusion; Pinterest never fails.  Never.

I searched a list of compliments and I laughed so hard at some of them.  I knew they would make me smile the next day so I typed in a few and quickly closed my phone.  I have the memory of a...um, something with a really short memory capacity.  I forget everything, so I knew I could count on myself to forget what was mostly in the list.
It worked.  I laughed so hard opening these.  At one point, my boss walked over while I was in the middle of reading one and I had to quickly mark it complete so it would remove itself from the screen!

All in all, it was a nice way to receive a boost of confidence in a way that didn't make me feel uncomfortable.  Maybe, if I can start believing that I'm better than unicorns and sparkles combined (because I said so!) then I won't be so awkward and rude when someone tells me my hair isn't too awful today. 

Plus, receiving a note from someone who cares during the day was kind of nice.

Eff off, Regina George!

Day 5--Closed Out!  See ya on Day 6!

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