50 States Challenge: Florida

Monday, August 1, 2016

June 21 - 25, 2012
Fort Myers, Florida
It was the bro trips to end all bro trips.  Initially, I attempted to visit Alex in Hawai`i, but we just couldn't seem to schedule it.  So, my best friend offered his parents condo in Fort Myers and we booked it that chilly night in April.

Two months later we departed, he from New York and me from Pittsburgh and collided in Fort Myers.

It's weird.  That trip sort of changed the direction of my life.  Normally with these posts, I write up everything I did and who I was with, but I think instead I'm going to substitute the photos that document the demise of a friendship.  When I write up Connecticut, I think I'll probably end up doing the same.
We laughed at this sign.  We thought it was so funny; how could we know it was foreshadow?  We ignored this, we ignored Tropical Storm Debbie, we ignored the high tide and swam in anyway.

Looking back at these photos, I realized you can't erase people from your life and what they meant to you but you don't have to relive and hash out the bad memories to appreciate the good ones.  We ran all over Sanibel and Captiva Islands.  In those first few days, we laughed a lot because we were still friends who cared about each other.  We tried to recapture the magic of that trip two years later, but it wasn't the same.  We weren't the same.

Like I said, this was the bro trip to end all bro trips...and it did.


  1. It's interesting you're doing 50 states challenge. I can't wait to read more of this.

    1. Thanks! I'd like to explore the world, but for now this is a little bit more manageable and budget friendly. Got any suggestions of places to go in the USA??

  2. Interesting thoughts I really enjoyed your blog.


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