Summer 2019 Bucket List

Thursday, May 23, 2019

I'm not one for Bucket Lists.  Or checklists.  Or anything that tells me what to do, generally.  I'm stubborn that way. I scoff at plans; life should be embraced and what the universe throws at me I lovingly accept.  It's nice in theory, but if I'm not putting myself out there to experience new things I'm going to experience a whole lot of days on the couch watching The Golden Girls (not a bad option either).

With my 2019 mantra of "Be Brave," I've concocted this silly bucket list I'm hoping to accomplish by summer's end...which is arbitrary in itself because when does summer really end?  Labor Day Weekend? September 23rd? That's a rambling blog post for another day.

2019 Summer Bucket List:
1. Karaoke for the first time ever!
2. Go horseback riding/take lessons.
3. Go on a hike that involves the use of a water bladder because I fell in love with that thing in Utah.
4. Swim in the ocean.
5. Visit a state I have not been to and check off another one on my 50 States list.
6. Go to a live concert (already have this one planned with Kristen & Bryan!).
7. Throw a barbecue/party - I'm always so anxious about having people over, but I've moved into a great place for parties so I need to just do it!
8. Watch fireworks! (My favorite, but I've seemed to miss them the past few years).
9. Road trip somewhere.
10. Go fishing.

What are you hoping to accomplish this summer? Any summer must-dos I missed?

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