January Jams

Monday, January 25, 2016

Come back Sundayyyy...if Butch Walker wants me to come back, he's got me.  Below are a list of some of the tunes I obsessed over this month.  Oddly enough, I started listening to "Changes" by David Bowie a week before he passed.  I was exiting my building when the lyrics popped into my head and I've been listening to it on repeat ever since.

#1 Summer Jam - Butch Walker
Quotable Lyrics:
And it's never been so weird
To be at the bottom looking up
And I went into this movie of blood and guts
Thinking I was the shit, I was all grown up
And I wonder, if you wonder, what we could be

Love Yourself - Justin Bieber

Quotable Lyrics:
For all the times that you made me feel small
I fell in love, now I feel nothin' at all
And never felt so low when I was vulnerable
Was I a fool to let you break down my walls?

XO - John  Mayer

Quotable Lyrics:
In the darkest night hour
I'll search through the crowd
Your face is all that I see
I'll give you everything

Changes - David Bowie
Quotable Lyrics:
Pretty soon now you're gonna get older
Time may change me
But I can't trace time
I said that time may change me
But I can't trace time

Hold My Hand - Jess Glynne
Quotable Lyrics:
I'm ready for this, there's no denying
I'm ready for this, you stop me falling
I'm ready for this, I need you all in
I'm ready for this, so darling, hold my hand

Can't Sleep Love - Pentatonix
Quotable Lyrics:
I'm tired of dreaming of none.
I need somebody next to mine.
Cause I'm dyin' to give it to someone
Because I can't do it anymore

How Could I Want More - Jamie Lynn Spears
Quotable Lyrics:

I ought to say I'm sorry
I ought to say it's over
Let him live his own life
Stop crying on his shoulder
He'd probably say it's alright
And hold me while my tears pour

All I Need - Matchbox Twenty
Quotable Lyrics:
Talking about the dream
Like the dream is over
Talk like that
Won't get you nowhere
Everybody's trusting in the heart
Like the heart don't lie

Boys Like You - Who Is Fancy
Quotable Lyrics:
Why don't you make a move?
You got nothing else to lose
Just make me feel like I'm dreaming

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