What Happens When You Don’t Hear Back From Someone You Were Just Texting as Told by The Office

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

You've been texting someone non-stop throughout the day and their replies have been pretty much within a few minutes of your last text.

But then five minutes pass without a response.
At first you think, oh maybe they walked away from their phone and you play it cool.
You do your best to not over-exaggerate the situation.
But that can only last so long.  You start to analyze everything you said, horrified at the responses you sent that may have come off the wrong way.
Ten minutes go by and you start to doubt you've ever even spoken to this person.
Your phone beeps after twenty three minutes...
...but it's your mom.
You then convince yourself, you don't want to hear from them, anyway.

You swear to yourself that you'll give them a little taste of their own medicine (if) when they respond.
Thirty whole minutes.  On the outside you're like:
But on the inside you're all:
And suddenly, your phone chirps.
It's them.  They got sucked into a work meeting.
And the non-stop texting begins again.

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