30 Day Relationship Challenge...With Myself: Day 6

Friday, September 9, 2016

Okay, so there has been some significant slacking.  I blame this on the final week before I took the GRE because I basically abandoned the world and stuffed my face into my GRE workbooks (which I am totally planning on tossing into the flames at a bonfire very, very soon.)

And oh, my MFA classes started.  The same freakin' week.  Woof.

So, here we are--Day 6 of my Relationship Challenge with moiDo one spontaneous thing for the other -- either in the bedroom or elsewhere.

I choose elsewhere!

I decided that the spontaneous thing for me would be a clothing purchase.  I am incredibly stingy.  I live next to a very expensive row of shops so I thought I would treat myself.  Off I went in search of something that would feel like a random gift.

I glanced at a few stores before settling on J. Crew.  My cheap little heart sank in my stomach and did tiny somersaults.  There was a 40% off sale but this was making me anxious, not excited.  I decided to abort my mission there and avoid American Apparel at all costs.  I waltzed around Francesca's, but nothing was speaking to me.

Feeling a little glum, I turned into Rite Aid.  I wanted to buy a birthday card for a friend's celebratory dinner the following night and figured this trip of mine shouldn't be a total bust.  And then, I saw the first aisle overflowing with candies and potato chips.  I wandered up and down the same row for a few minutes before finally settling on a bag of Herr's Sour Cream & Onion Potato Chips and an extra large Kit-Kat bar.

Basically, I ran home and ate the entire bag and half of the chocolate bar while watching an episode of Escaping Polygamy.  Fast forward about an hour to where my boyfriend calls and tells me he's almost done with work.  Feeling incredibly nauseous, I hopped off of the couch and start cooking because that's what I promised him I'd do the day before but totally forgot in my moment of epic gluttony.  Poor thing got microwaved rice and chicken, but he didn't complain...too much.

While it would be nice to have a new skirt to prance about in, downing a bag of chips and some candy was pretty much the most spontaneous thing I could have done in the moment.  I think it will also keep me away from chips for a few weeks (*cough* days).  Either way, I most certainly spoiled myself.

I also forgot to buy that birthday card.  Oopsies.

Day 6 --Finito!

As a reminder, the inspiration for this list came from PopSugar.

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