20 Random Facts About Me

Friday, April 6, 2018

A year and a half ago, I created this list of Ten Things About Me. Since the relaunch of my blog, I figured I'd create a new list of *20* Random Facts About Me to reintroduce myself!

1. I don't drink alcohol.  
Yes, seriously, I don't drink.  I've only sipped alcohol before (it taste awful, guys!), and my first sip was at the age of 23 with a bunch of strangers in a bar in California.

2. I lived with my grandpa for three years.
It was awesome.  And he had some amazing one liners / interesting observations on life. (Life With GrandpaLife With Grandpa: Food Obsessions, and Life with Grandpa: Ranting).  If I could drag his but down to Pittsburgh, I would and move in with him all over again.  He was my favorite roommate.

3. I previously worked for a taxi company that shuttled people from a train to the popular New York destinate, Fire Island.  
Bobby Cannavale once grew frustrated with because I couldn't locate his black bag under a pile of other black bags.  When I asked for more details he simply said, "It's black."  Celebrities, they're just like us!

4. I told my cousin her father died.
I didn't know that she didn't know yet.  She's weirdly related to me in more than one way (she's actually my second cousin and then something else more complicated but that's not the point), and only a few blocks away at the time so the gossip train moved fast.  I covered quickly but she texted me an hour later saying, "I know now."  Oops.

5. In my last two relationships, I broke up with my boyfriends by moving away.
Definitely a sign of my immaturity.  When people make these types of lists, they only want to portray the good.  These were not my proudest moments.  After the second one, I learned a lot about myself and my need to constantly restart instead of dealing with my issues.  A fresh start doesn't mean you've necessarily grown.

6. I love The Golden Girls.
I don't "stan" things, I think I might be too old for that, but I loooove The Golden Girls.  TVLand has a marathon every Sunday.

7. Nothing makes me fall asleep faster than watching an episode of Portlandia.
I cannot explain it - and I have an issue sleeping but if I put on an episode, I'm out in minutes.  If you're having trouble sleeping, try it out, I swear.

8. I'm going to be a first time aunt in September.
I'm hoping for a girl, I'm not going to lie, but I'll love the baby even if it's a boy, I guess.  I sort of have to, don't I?

9. I wanted to be President when I was little.
A real concern for me in the third grade was the rumor that Hillary Clinton would run for office one day and take away the honor of the first female president.  After taking a law class in high school, that dream was promptly stripped away by the reality of the office and the climb there.  As an adult, I can't wait to cheer on our first female Commander-in-Chief!

10. I am a feminist.
I am for supporting women. I am for supporting men.  I am for equality.  A key point for me in becoming a feminist was learning the difference between feminism and misandry.  TL;DR? = Misandrists hate men, not feminists.

11. My first concert was N*SYNC.

12. I loved baseball so much, I became the baseball team's Trainer in high school.
I also liked baseball players - this was a win-win volunteer role for me.

13. I am working on visiting all 50 States.
I document my travels here on this blog.  If you have any suggestions of places to visit in states I haven't travelled to, shoot them my way!!

14. My full-time job is as a Grants Administrator.
Which means, I basically boss a bunch of distinguished faculty members around and make sure they do the right thing and not mess up their funding.  I love it.  There is so much amazing research being done on my floor every day! I previously worked in Alumni Relations and on Rhodes / Marshall / Fulbright Scholarship offices (at another university) and as an Administrator in a logistics company.  A recurring theme in my life is I don't know what I'm going to do when I grow up.

15. I have a lifesize cardboard cutout of Derek Jeter that stood in my bedroom for 15 years.
My parents are now moving and a big discussion is what are we going to do with Derek?  Oh, and yes, I clearly thought if I was going to get married one day, it would be to Derek Jeter.

16. I no longer watch TV shows that I can't binge-watch.
How I Met Your Mother's ending destroyed me.  I watched that show from the very beginning and I felt completely cheated with that warped ending.  I'd rather binge-watch a show when it's over or watch an entire season at once.  Ted Mosby, you broke me!!!!

17. The only exception is Vanderpump Rules.
Truly, I am ashamed and not proud, but I can hardly wait for Monday to roll around and dole out another episode packed with nonsense.  This is reality TV though, so does it count.

18. I named my cat Charlie after Charlie from The Perks of Being A Wallflower.
I'm mildly obsessed with the book, movie, and the creation of these two masterpieces since I first encountered the book ten years ago and it became intertwined with my life.

19. I've been published twice.
The first time was a short story about a girl who wanted to smell a dandelion but her mother told her not.  Spoiler Alert: She sniffed it.

20. I don't really ever want to grow up.
And I mean it - kids, marriage.  I don't think I really want all of that.  I love kids and I love weddings and love.  But I don't know if the type of adulting is ever in my future.  As a child with my American Girl Dolls, I always pretended I was their aunt because my twin sister (named Alyssa) tragically passed away and I took the kids in.  My boyfriend, Kevin Richardson of the Backstreet Boys, was constantly on tour so I worked full time as an author and raised the kids.  This is kind of who I've always been.

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