Ten Binge Worthy Shows To Watch

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

As an update to my September 2016 post, 10 TV Shows I Watched Obsessively, I've decided to make a list of 10 Binge Worthy Shows to Watch.  So now you have no excuse to not procrastinate on that thing you really, really need to get done.  You're welcome.

Schitt's Creek
God, am I glad I gave this one a try.  It's funny and it's simple - currently there are three seasons available on Netflix. I can't wait to binge season 4 when it's available!

Stranger Things
Um, duh.

Queer Eye
I binge watch Queer Eye 45 times a week.  Really not kidding, check my Netflix activity.

The IT Crowd
Truly, it still holds up.  There are only 4 series to this British gem.  I wish there were more.

Grace & Frankie
Every time a new season starts, I start all over from the beginning and watch all the way through.  I stan Grace & Frankie.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
It's impossible to not laugh hysterically and I'm always left wanting more.  If you don't find this funny then your humor is wrong.

Arrested Development
Arrested Development was designed as a binge-watching show before it was a thing.  It's the OG.  Catch up quick, new season should be out soon!

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Unfortunately, this moved over to Hulu, so if you have that service then get on it.

Fuller House
Okay, so it's cheesy, but it's easy to breeze through episodes.

Gilmore Girls
Especially with the Netflix season they brought the series back with!

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