Poshmark Youtubers To Watch

Monday, April 16, 2018

Admittedly, I'm much newer to the Youtube scene.  I started really watching back in December and now I can't imagine a day without watching some of my favorite vloggers.

Initially, I started because I wanted to snag all of the thrifting tips I could get!  I'll admit these Poshmark Vloggers have helped me in ways I couldn't believe would be possible through Youtube - from strategizing at the store, knowing what to pick up (and what to put down), and to always, always remember to stay in my own lane.

Psst!! Click their names and it'll take you to their channels ;)

The Deal Queen
Newer to Youtube, but Alexandra's videos are easy to watch and jam-packed with important information.

Lindey Glenn
I love her live feeds.  I never watch them live because I can't schedule my life, but I love listening to her answering the very same questions I have.  She's also really helpful with figuring out eBay.

Empty Hanger
Interestingly enough, my favorite tips from Jenna are actually her "Monthly Favorites Videos"   where she discusses what worked for her and what didn't, even adding in new apps and items she's obsessed with that have helped her boost sales.

Thee Queen of Thrift
Alex is kind of a loose cannon, so naturally I'm obsessed with her.  I'm 99% sure I've bugged her one time too many to go back to Youtube more consistently.  I also like that she swears when she feels like it.  She's my kind of people.

What Poshmark Vloggers do you watch?  I'd love to open up my horizons!


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