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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

During my brief (and failed) attempt at a Self-Love Challenge back in 2016, I created my "Love Me" playlist on Spotify.  Since, then there's been new music to enter my life and move me - so here's a quick update and a passionate argument defending each song. This is the weirdest collection of songs, possibly ever, and I am fiercely proud of that.

Come On Eileen by Dexys Midnight Runners
This song will never not be on my list.  It is the ultimate song. If you see me on the dance floor when this tune comes

Heroes by David Bowie
Again, another one that survived the revision of this playlist.  I used to drive home from work on the Long Island Expressway listening to this song and I can still see the road unwinding in front of me.

Lost Stars by Adam Levine
I loved the movie Begin Again.  Every song from that album is gold, but this song is such a beautiful ending to a relationship that isn't failing due to lack of love.  It's something that many people are simply not brave enough to admit to.

Reflecting Light by Sam Phillips
Like most of the world, I was introduced to this song by Gilmore Girls (many thanks Lorelai & Rory!).  I love the music in this song.  The lyrics are fabulous as well, but even without the words, the music is completely tugging on my heart strings.

True To Your Heart by 98° and Stevie Wonder
Honestly, I wash my dishes to this song.  I just put it on repeat and I actually enjoy washing the dishes.  I hate washing dishes, so this is a HUGE deal.  If I'm in a bad mood, I also put this on to instantly lift my spirits.

My Blue Heaven by Taking Back Sunday
The emo kid in us never dies.  Driving around, banging the steering wheel, screaming on the top of my lungs -- this is the song that lets me vent all of my frustrations.

You're In Love With A Psycho by Kasabian
Another song that I can't sit still to while listening.  I feel like this song was written for me to sing to every boyfriend I've ever had.  #Truth.

Sex by The 1975
I'm only recently discovering The 1975, but I love their vibe.

Space Cowboy by Kacey Musgraves
I'm obsessed with her latest album, Golden Hour.  Kacey's my age, so her album, built around her 29th year really hit home.  I love this song about letting someone go, in a weary battle-worn way.

#1 Summer Jam by Butch Walker
I feel summer in this jam.  Butch Walker's a legend, anyway.

The Suffering by Coheed and Cambria
I do not understand this song.  If you do, clue me in.  But I lovelovelovelovelove it.

Green Light by Lorde
In this age of social media, who could not identify with the girl Lord's singing about who's doing her best to show off in front of her ex?  Surviving after a failed relationship is no easy task but it's definitely relatable.

Father And Son by Yusuf / Cat Stevens
Admitting that the first time I heard this song was in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 feels sort of embarrassing, but it's also the song I gravitated to the morning after my Grandpa died.  My father and I are also constantly in conflict over political issues, what to eat for dinner, or what colors are in this season so this song really resonates with me.

Sexy Dirty Love by Demi Lovato
I watched Demi's YouTube documentary and I've been obsessed/in love with her ever since.  This is such a great bop.

L.G. FUAD by Motion City Soundtrack
If I sang karaoke and this song was a more well-known one, I would crank it out all. the. time.  I like to sing this one on long drives over and over and over.  It's so simple, so complex - it gives me the feels.

Getaway Car by Taylor Swift
Songs about doomed relationships attract my shallow emo heart like moths to a flame.  There is nothing like a good rebound song.

What songs move you, make you feel things?  My personal philosophy (*ahem*) is that if doesn't move you, it ain't the music for you.  I like music that reminds me of my past, makes me ponder the future, or has me imagining a completely different world. Life is short, moved.

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