Favorite Spots to Eat in Pittsburgh

Sunday, April 8, 2018

I am not a foodie. I'm picky and I get hangry and generally I'm the worst person to grab a meal with.  I like what I like and I eat what I like.

Leaving New York and coming back to Pittsburgh, I had grown accommodated to eating exactly what I liked when I wanted to.  I was pleasantly surprised when I landed back here two and half years ago to find the food scene had exploded.

So, looking for a great place to grab food with a picky eater?  You have come to the right place!  Below are a few of my most highly recommended places in the city.

Bagel Factory
Looking for a good breakfast option?  The bagels at Bagel Factory are tiny compared to an NYC bagel, BUT the taste is fantastic.  I love stopping in here early on the weekends before the parking meters start.  Price is good and the store is huge so you can either take to go or relax and stay a while.

Square Cafe
I really enjoyed the menu at Square Cafe - way more diverse than other brunch places.  It gets crowded but it is oh-so-worth it.

Shady Grove
I constantly find myself at Shady Grove.  It's such a great place to take a group of people who are all into something different.  My dad repeatedly requests to go to Shady Grove when he comes to visit me and is always disappointed when I choose somewhere else (sometimes I just like to torture him).  The only thing I haven't tried are the pizzas, but I plan on it!

Alla Famiglia
Always, always, ALWAYS.  My boyfriend and I have designated this as our birthday place.  There is nothing I can say to describe the amazingness that is Alla Famiglia.   It's pricey, but it's justified.  Just go, now...you're going to slow go now! I MEAN IT!

La Palapa
Such a great staple on Carson Street, I have never walked away hungry from La Palapa.  Food is authentic and you can fit a good size group of people in here.

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