The Best Lyrics from Kacey Musgraves' "Golden Hour"

Sunday, April 15, 2018

I can't stop listening to this album! Maybe because I'm also in my own Golden Hour, but this girl is speaking to my soul.  I love her work - it's simply hers and that makes it so authentic and easy to enjoy.

Slow Burn
Born in a hurry, always late
Haven't been early since '88

I'm gonna do it my way, it'll be alright
If we burn it down and it takes all night
It's a slow burn

I didn't know him and I didn't know me
Cloud nine was always out of reach
Now I remember what it feels like to fly
You give me butterflies

Oh, What A World
Oh, what a world, don't wanna leave
All kinds of magic all around us, it's hard to believe
Thank God it's not too good to be true

Love is A Wild Thing
Oh, I can feel it, magic in your fingertips
And I can hear it in the words coming off your lips

Space Cowboy
When a horse wants to run, there ain't no sense in closing the gate

Wonder Woman
I don't need a Superman to win my lovin'
'Cause, baby, I ain't Wonder Woman

High Horse
Darling, you take the high horse and I'll take the high road
If you're too good for us, you'll be good riding solo

Golden Hour
I used to get sad
And lonely when the sun went down
It's different now
'Cause I love the light that I've found in you

If you could see what I see, you'd be blinded by the colors

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