100th Post: 10 Things That Have Happened Since I Started Blogging

Friday, October 14, 2016

This is my 100th post!!  I can't believe I've subjected the Blogosphere to 100 of my inadequate and mundane thoughts. #SorryNotSorry

In celebration, I decided to write up a list of ten things that have happened since I started this blog.  It's sort of crazy, looking back.  You don't realize it all while it's happening, but life moves so fast and everything changes so quickly and suddenly--there you are!

1. I went to Boston...BOSTON, people!  A sworn enemy infiltrated their city!

2. I started my MFA in Creative Writing.

3. Alisha graduated college!  Adulting with Alisha has been pretty awesome.

4. I got a new job I actually look forward to each day.

5. I attended my Ten Year High School Reunion. #old
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6. Some guy stalked me in an elevator.  Then another one.  He's still following me around and I couldn't be happier or more grateful to have him in my life.
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7. After ten beautiful years of friendship, we had to say goodbye to the world's best companion -- Jake.

8. I moved from Long Island, NY to Pittsburgh, PA and got to really spend some quality time with my family.

9. My brother got married!

10. I moved into my first grown up apartment!  I live behind a pizza shop that also serves gelato so I think all my life goals have officially been met.

See you all on the 200th post!

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