National Cat Day

Saturday, October 29, 2016

I was never really a fan of cats.  When I was around ten, my brother found a litter of kittens outside of our home hiding in a hose container.  Our neighbor grew up on a farm and offered to feed and raise the kittens until they could be adopted.  I begged and pleaded with my parents and finally they gave in.  We chose Janie.  And she was a monster.  By monster I mean she only gave love to my mom and in her old age she extended that kindness to my father.

I was pretty over cats until I started volunteering at an animal shelter and the kittens kind of softened me up.  And then, one shift, Charlie started barking at me like a mad woman and I fell in love.

Charlie's adoption date is May 8, 2015.  We've been attached at the hip for one year six months and counting.  She always wants to play at 3 in the morning.  She's constantly talking to me and sharing her feelings.  Everyone that meets her falls in love.  My grandfather never asks how I'm doing, but is always sure to find out how his favorite feline is when we're chatting on the phone.  My boyfriend hates cats but is constantly trying to cuddle her and win her over.  She has a weird charm about her, not quite cat but certainly part dog.  But I love her, 100%.
In honor of National Cat Day, which was established in 2005, here are a few ways you can celebrate:

Spend some time with your feline friend.
Toss your kitty her favorite ball or cuddle with her on the couch--whatever makes her happiest!

Make your cat a special treat.
Check out this recipe for a new way to turn her favorite wet food into a tasty treat.

Share your love on social media.
Bring awareness to National Cat Day by using the hashtag #NationalCatDay and posting a cute photo on #Caturday with your fur baby.

Convince someone you know into adoption.
Yeah, this one might be a long shot...but it could mean one less homeless cat!

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