GOMO: Going Out More Often

Friday, October 21, 2016

So, Eventbrite, an event and ticketing website that allows you to manage, create, and find awesome things to do, has launched the idea of GOMO: Going Out More Often to battle FOMO (and thank God, because even the acronym gives me the  heebie-jeebies), so I've decided to join in on the movement and list some fall activities I plan to partake in to get myself out of the house.

Going to a Pumpkin Patch
I have not done this in years--there were some pumpkin patches on Long Island, but they didn't feel like real farms.  As I'm back in the wild Western Pennsylvania, I'm going to get on it!

Throwing together a Friendsgiving
I'm currently obsessed with this idea.  It also makes me feel like a grownup, getting my friends together to cook a meal.  Of course, I'm definitely going to try to persuade someone else to host it so that the mess isn't in my kitchen.

Halloween Party
I love getting dressed up for Halloween.  I always have pretty lofty expectations though, so it's usually a better idea if I last minute the costume.  If you live in Pittsburgh, the Halloween edition of Jam on Walnut is taking place this weekend!  Theme is masquerade...and I'll be there!

Grabbing Coffee With a Friend
As the weather starts to cool and the days begin to shorten, I feel like life sometimes tends to slow down a bit too.  This fall, I really want to reconnect with my friends and I don't feel like there's any place better than getting cozy in a coffee shop with a nice hot drink in my hand.

Have a Bonfire 
There is seriously nothing I love more than a good bonfire.  Roasting marshmallows and making s'mores, it's the best way to spend time outside as the weather grows colder.

Go to Yoga!
I purchased a Groupon two months ago for this great little yoga place down the street from me.  I really want to try them out (especially before it gets too cold to walk over--I'm a whiner, I know) and get my stretch on.

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