Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Twenty-eight.  I'm twenty-eight years old today.


I feel old and so young at the same time.  After today, I only have one birthday left in my twenties.  I was curling my hair this morning and thinking about the different ways I've brought in each birthday and while some were a little more wild, most were subdued but they always fit the person I was at the time.

I brought in my twenties with quite the bang at a nightclub in Manhattan with a bunch of my friends.  We managed to take over an entire room. The downside was that I pulled my license out at one point and lost it.  I was one of the only people not drinking that evening.
My 21st was slightly disastrous as we weren't let into the original club we intended, but luckily knew the bouncer at another club who let us in.  I managed to smash my camera that evening and briefly lose my phone.  Again, wasn't drinking.
I have no idea what I did for my 22nd.  Even if you paid me a million dollars, I could not tell you what I did because I don't remember.  Yikes.  I know I was living in New York...

I celebrated my 23rd with Carly who took me out in Southside for a little dancing at Jimmy D's.  Gotta love that place.
At 24, I went to the the Andy Warhol museum with Ashley and we wandered around Pittsburgh for the day before heading to Jergel's later in the evening and meeting up with my family and Katie.
I was quite surprised to see my brother and sister-in-law walk around a corner on my 25th.  They drove in to New York to surprise me and we went to the beach and got JT to walk around Times Square.  That'll never happen again.
For my 26th, Alisha and my dad came in to Long Island and we spent the day driving around Long Island, checking out Captree, and grabbed dinner together.
My parents surprised me on my 27th and threw together a quick surprise party because I was being moody and didn't really want to celebrate.  They're good peeps, my parents.
For my 28th, I will be going out to a lovely dinner with my boyfriend and then celebrating the next evening with my family.

Another year down and that much closer to my thirties...and to be honest, I'm kind of ready to hit the big 3-0.  Being in your twenties is exhausting!

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